I have a part-time nanny job for a two-year old girl who is ADORABLE and precocious. After she woke up from her nap yesterday, the doorbell rang.

I open the door (which is glass, by the way) and there is a middle-aged pot-bellied man standing there, trying to look over my shoulder. I asked him what his business was (as he provided no name or company) and he said that the lady of the house wanted him to wash her windows today. He somehow realized I was the babysitter. I told him I had been left with no such information and that he would need to come back. He claimed that he always washes the windows at this house and all in the neighborhood (all, really??). I finally got him to say that his name was 'John.' Then, he started asking how many kids I was watching and if they were sleeping! NUNYA business!! I asked him to leave and he still kept trying to nose into the house and look over my shoulder. Then he started claiming that maybe he had the wrong house, was slurring his words, and stumbling around on the porch. Did I mention he smelled like alcohol? Finally I shut the door in his face. When my friend got home, I told her and in fact...they've never had their windows washed and she has no idea who he is. WHAT A CREEPER! Good thing I shut the door in his face. I hope he doesn't come back; if he does, I am promptly calling the police. Good thing I'll recognize him by his pot belly through the glass. Moral of the story: be trimmer if you want to be a criminal. Hah! Just kidding. Real moral of the story is: trust your instinct and shut the door in the face of creepers. :)

I have been a backseat blogger! 4:35 PM

I constantly think of things to blog about and never do it. This has got to change! Even if I just write a few sentences that are floating around in my head, I will get better at updating this blog. :)

This is what's been in my head this week:

It's very possible to have sincere regret without wishing to change the outcome of events that were based on circumstance or decision. Everyone wants to say they have no regrets, but that would render us inhumane. It's feasible to embrace your life and the person that you've become with open arms and joy and still have remorse for sorrows of the past. What counts is moving ahead, growing and loving with all you have.

I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

What do you think?

And now my life has changed in oh so many ways... 2:49 PM

I am thinking today...not light fluffy thoughts that float through your head and are easily pushed aside and forgotten. I'm thinking heavy things. Time, life, death, love, loss, friendship.

How often do we go through our lives in semi-complacent mode? We start forgetting some of our blessings. Some priorities start changing places. The important lessons of life sometimes diminish. It is always a shock to feel that rude awakening when every breath is vital, when we clearly see the world around us and remember who we are and what we are aiming for. You don't have to veer far off course at all to be promptly jerked back on.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from Arizona died. Kameron Haban. I haven't even seen him in years. We very recently reconnected on Facebook. I have been extremely busy and other than the add, I have not yet sent him even a note, though I followed his family blog. Now he is gone and I have let a chance slip by to let a dear friend know he was loved and admired. He was a wonderful person with an endearing smile and I have many fond memories of him.

This world at times is all push and shove. There is much required of us at every turn. I am amazed at how complicated the world would have things be. I am happiest when I lead a simple life, when I push the demands down to a minimum. I am in no way against working hard, but I am for working for the right things. Our focus is so often pulled in many different directions and we forget whether we are coming and going. That's just life, I guess but in the last year or so, I've made a conscious effort to really feel my life, to see things around me, and to get my priorities straight. For the most part, I've done really well. Today, I can't help but feel like I failed. How many others have I been 'too busy' for? I know I'm not Superwoman. I can't do everything. I've done through drastic changes in my life and I'm lucky to be sane person right now. :) But I will truly be giving more thought to my loved ones, my life, my testimony and my future.

Grab life by the horns and go...just go in the right direction. When we drive, we are constantly aware of lights, turn signals, crosswalks, other cars. But in life, sometimes the details fade out and we become accustomed to living a certain way and lose our introspection and therefore, the glory in life.

I am commited to living a fuller life so that when I pass on to the next, I will not only know I have not wasted my minutes, but that I have cherished them and those around me.

P.S. To read Kameron and Jami's inspiring story, please visit:

New Beginnings! 10:57 AM

How the times have changed! The world is drastically different now than it was when I was kid, but my whole LIFE is very different than it was even a year ago.

This is a new year and I'm very grateful for it. I have some new year's resolutions I'd like to implement...but I am already happy with the changes that have occurred in myself and my surroundings.

With change (even good change), of course, often comes sorrow and regret. We are used to things 'a certain way.' I think that stretching beyond our comfort zone into the unknown is what forces us to grow and to find true happiness. But at first, we are often faced with much unhappiness and discomfort in the process.

Last year I had two jobs, moved 7 times, had three last names (I'm keeping the latter!), lost 3 pets, gained a whole new family in addition to my own, and have done the unthinkable. The frightening. The 'taboo.' The unexplainable.

And guess what?

I'm happy. I have broken through the prison walls that surrounded me. Some were placed by others, some just by me. I have stopped making excuses for things and started doing, started being, started living and started smiling! Truly!

There are things I'll never gain back. I will always wonder about roads I could have continued down or gone down. I will always love the ones I lost. But I am at peace with my decisions. I am sure of my actions. My shortcomings can always be improved upon, but I can look myself in the mirror quite comfortably.

As a kid, I remember thinking how certain things were just not fair. I have always been a strong advocate of justice in its different forms. As an adult, I have come to realize that sometimes things are just not fair and there are things you cannot change. Circumstances cannot be forced or undone. You cannot make people change and you cannot always make them happy. Happiness is a decision, starting with yourself. True optimism and joy emanates from accepting yourself and your decisions and not bearing the consequences of other's actions, although we may love them the whole way. Each person must find their own path and travel their own journey. When the road divides, it is a cause for great heartache, but sometimes it comes down to either standing still or choosing a path.

I am so grateful for my family and friends, though I have been so very busy and may seem aloof. There is a not a day that goes by that I do not think of those I love and cherish and my goal this year is to reconnect and make sure that my loved ones know how much I care.

Happy new year!

Yes, it's a little late, but better late than never?

I trip on air molecules. 12:14 PM

I really do! To say I'm accident-prone would be a major understatement. If there is a way to injure one's self...if there is something to be broken, I can do it. Effortlessly.

I can compose beautiful songs on the piano, but it's difficult to walk in a straight line...SOBER.

I wonder sometimes if it's as much clumsiness as a black cloud following my every move. Last night at Cafe Rio (if you haven't been there, you should! It's delicious!), my husband and I asked the cashier if we could have a couple of lids in case we didn't finish our food. These lids are circular cardboard and foiled on one side. She was struggling to get two off of the stack and finally grasped them and thrust them at be exact, right into my thumb. You know how painful paper cuts are, even though they may look insignificant. I had two thin, foiled cardboard lids slice directly into the upper flesh of my thumb. I stared at it with almost some strange type of humor. Has that exact thing ever happened to anyone else? My thumb bled and the panicked girl gave me a bandaid and everything was fine...but still. What are the odds?

And yes, I really do trip on air molecules. It's a wonder to even myself. *^_^*