I have a part-time nanny job for a two-year old girl who is ADORABLE and precocious. After she woke up from her nap yesterday, the doorbell rang.

I open the door (which is glass, by the way) and there is a middle-aged pot-bellied man standing there, trying to look over my shoulder. I asked him what his business was (as he provided no name or company) and he said that the lady of the house wanted him to wash her windows today. He somehow realized I was the babysitter. I told him I had been left with no such information and that he would need to come back. He claimed that he always washes the windows at this house and all in the neighborhood (all, really??). I finally got him to say that his name was 'John.' Then, he started asking how many kids I was watching and if they were sleeping! NUNYA business!! I asked him to leave and he still kept trying to nose into the house and look over my shoulder. Then he started claiming that maybe he had the wrong house, was slurring his words, and stumbling around on the porch. Did I mention he smelled like alcohol? Finally I shut the door in his face. When my friend got home, I told her and in fact...they've never had their windows washed and she has no idea who he is. WHAT A CREEPER! Good thing I shut the door in his face. I hope he doesn't come back; if he does, I am promptly calling the police. Good thing I'll recognize him by his pot belly through the glass. Moral of the story: be trimmer if you want to be a criminal. Hah! Just kidding. Real moral of the story is: trust your instinct and shut the door in the face of creepers. :)


Meghan said...

I want more posts!! ;)

Katie said...

Wow what a creep